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LIZARDPAINT is a brand new 16-bit tool for your
SEGA Genesis / Megadrive / メガドライブ

While this tool still is under development, you can already do quite a bit with it.

Here are the features available:

  • 15 colours available (+ white background): that's more than Mario Paint!
  • canvas is 38*23 tiles big: that's 304*184 pixels of pure joy!
  • 4 tools available: pen, filling pot, eraser and eye dropper: you're fully loaded!
  • 2 shapes (round or square) and 9 different sizes for brushes: be subtle or be bold!

You can use LIZARDPAINT on SEGA Genesis / Megadrive / メガドライブ, SEGA Nomad,  Analogue Mega SG, MiSTer FPGA or any other compatible machine.

Alternatively, you can simply use an emulator including mouse support such as BlastEm.
This works very well and is fun enough to keep you entertained.

Share your setup if it differs: it may help others!

While this release is offered to you for free, we appreciate every donation.
Our objective is to eventually deliver a reliable, safe and modern way of using a mouse on an actual SEGA Megadrive / Genesis console.

You can pay what you want directly on,
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or cryptocurrencies at the following addresses:

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Send us a message so we can credit you!

ROM is available at the following link (starting from Christmas 2021):

Feel free to send us your creations on this page, or at!


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